Top-Line Xtreme

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Performance Horses
Muscle development and performance

Horses with toplines that are sunk-in beside their withers, concave along the back and loin or dished-in around the hips and hindquarters cannot perform at their best.
Top-Line™ Xtreme is a revolutionary, soy-free supplement containing an optimum balance of essential amino acids required to enhance the topline of a horse.

  • Contains cutting edge nutritional technology with select ingredients to provide the ultimate in muscle growth, development and performance
  • Horses fed Top-Line™ Xtreme have experienced quick and effective response for top-line, muscle definition and overall development. They have also seen improvement in recovery time or how fast horses "bounce back" and perform on subsequent days of competition
  • Pellet form so it can be fed by itself or top-dressed with your horses' grain mixture
  • Predictable results - use with any feed on any horse
  • Source of Gamma Oryzanol
  • An easy to feed scoop in enclosed

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Topline Xtreme WORKS
Joanna Kyger (Kingdom City, MO) 3/22/2017 5:54 AM
When a customer brought her OTTB to my barn from California, he had been off for a year due to a suspensory injury. At that time, you could see every bone in his spine and had hollow pockets behind his withers. As we brought him back to work, his topline just wasn't developing, even with long-lining and other work to strengthen him over his back etc. My chiropractor suggested putting him on Topline Xtreme to help aid in the process, and it has made a HUGE difference. This horse's topline looks AMAZING now; he looks strong, healthy, and shiny. There are many components to making this transformation happen, but your product has been instrumental in bringing about very real change for my client's horse. THANK YOU for a great product!
Xtreme has made a difference
k (hartsville, SC) 6/19/2013 9:56 PM
My dressage horse, an Andalusian cross needed help developing necessary muscle structure required to perform at mid to upper level dressage movements. Topline Xtreme has made a significant difference in his ability to move forward in his training. A friend doing Endurance rides also needed help building topline muscle for her Arabian horse. The change in her horse was probably the most dramatic difference i've ever seen. She is now keeping in the top 5 in both 25 and 50 rides. Very impressive.
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