Foals First Milk Replacer

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Foals First Milk Replacer Powder
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For orphan or rejected foals, from 1-30 days of age.

PACKAGING: 22 lb Buckets

FOALS FIRST®- Milk Replacer Powder is a highly digestible foal milk replacer for orphan or rejected foals. It contains the highest quality milk ingredients, vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development. FOALS FIRST® - Milk Replacer Powder is mixed with water and fed free-access to foals in a bucket.

Get the Foals First® Milk Replacer Advantage:
  • Free-choice bucket feeding, on demand, makes raising an orphan easy
  • Nutritionally balanced and fortified to meet the nutrient demands of the young growing foal
  • Contains ‘all milk ingredients’ for easy digestion
  • Slightly acidified to help reduce the risk of over-consumption
  • Provide at room temperature for convenience
  • Easy to mix and feed
Tips on Feeding the Orphan or Rejected Foal
  • Provide the colostrum to the orphan or rejected foal before offering the milk powder in solution
  • It is best to provide Foals First® Milk Replacer powder in solution, in a bucket for the foal to drink
  • However, if a nipple is used to get the foal to drink the colostrum and begin to drink the milk, make sure the opening is at least ½” wide to assure adequate colostrum and milk flow
  • Never force the foal’s head into a bucket
  • The bucket should be a contrasting color to the wall to make it easy for the foal to find
Introducing the foal to milk
  • Initially, on day one, warm milk slightly to encourage consumption
  • Using a shallow plastic bowl, raise the bowl to the foal’s muzzle while they are sucking your finger
  • Slowly remove your finger after they begin to drink
  • Repeat until the foal is drinking from the bowl on their own
  • Once the foal learns to drink from the bowl, put the milk into a small bucket and hang it securely on the wall at shoulder height of the foal.
  • From this point forward mix powder with cool water to limit over consumption
Day 1 - Start of Feeding
  • Start with 1/2 of the desired daily consumption rate split into 2 Equal feedings (AM and PM)
  • Increase amount of milk by 1/2 gallon each day until full recommended intake amount is reached
  • If foal is still hungry, offer Foals First® Starter & Creep pellets in separate feeder.
Recommended Mixing & Daily Feeding Amounts: Repeat A.M and P.M Daily

Body Weight of Mare or Expected Mature Body Weight of Foal

Foals First Milk Replacer Powder Water Amount
250 lbs 1 enclosed cups or 1/2 lb 1/2 gallon
500 lbs 2 enclosed cups or 1 lb 1 gallon
1,000 lbs 4 enclosed cups or 2 lbs 2 gallons
1,500 lbs 6 enclosed cups or 3 lbs 3 gallons
2,000 lbs 8 enclosed cups or 4 lbs 4 gallons

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Foals First/ Progressive Nutrition products for peace of mind when feeding foals
Julie Staien (Lucky Spur Ranch Union MI) 2/18/2015 4:51 AM
We have used Progressive Nutrition for well over 10 years. I have personally seen the results from using this line of products over the competitions products. We have used the milk replacer powder for orphaned/rejected foals, the creep feeds as well as diet balancers, Ultimate Supplement and Growth formula. Every horse on our farm is fed Progressive Nutrition. Over the years, we have used numerous products by other feed companies and the results with Progressive products FAR out weigh the competition. The cost is a little more per bag however you feed less which when figured at cost per day vs. other feeds is actually less $ in the long run and you get better results along with the reduce the risks of colic and founder. We have not had a colic or founder in our barn since we've been using these products. I have a Shetland pony who was foundered so bad that we were going to put him down until we put him on the Ultimate Supplement. Within three weeks, he was running and playing again and by summer, the kids were riding him again! I LOVE Progressive and wouldn't think of feeding anything else! If you are concerned about the quality of your horse's nutrition or you are looking for superior results in fitting show horses- THIS is the line of products that you NEED to be using! Julie Staien, The Lucky Spur Ranch Union MI
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